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Camera Is Rolling! Find out Which It the Top WordPress Video Theme


The Best Video WordPress Themes to Liven Up Your Site



Kingsize features a striking full screen background for photographers or videographers to display their work or for innovative types to show their content. The navigation is offered in an attention-grabbing flag-inspired menu. Kingsize supports MP4 video formats, including YouTube videos.


Invictus A Premium Photographer Portfolio Theme

Invictus has been created for photographers to display their work and contains a scrolling slideshow positioned beneath each page. This theme is completely responsive and looks awesome on mobile devices. The slideshow can be switched on/off to allow for a distraction-free video presentation.

• Complete gallery. The full size video and image gallery is the main attribute of the Invictus theme. You can display your portfolio in an awesome way and impress your customers, prospective clients or users.
• Options panel. This theme also comes with an extensive control panel to manage every aspect of the theme. Alter the icons, colors, social icons and so much more.
• Embedded videos. You can embed Vimeo or Youtube videos without difficulty in your full size gallery and you can also display them in the slideshow.



Chocolate is an additional photography theme that features various homepage designs, together with a 3D slider, classical or supersize sliders, YouTube audiovisual and a full screen photo. Similar to the Invictus theme, Chocolate includes a slider, letting you scroll through images. This theme is also completely responsive and contains a striking stonework design for the blog pages.



DK consists of 5 homepage designs, together with a full screen video, static image, flip gallery and image slideshow. This theme also contains 7 customized widgets, as well as YouTube support.
• 10 Page Templates
• Password protected gallery
• Twitter and Facebook integration
• Integrated short codes
• Youtube Video
• Twitter feed
• 4 Homepage Styles
• Portfolio content supports images, videos or external links



Slash advertises itself as a photography theme and contains a responsive design, slider support and full screen video, 8 customized widgets and customized post types for the gallery. Slash WordPress is a top WordPress Theme that has distinctive contemporary design as well as authoritative and sturdy functionality. It was formed to serve you as a blog, photo-gallery and portfolio

This theme offers you with a number of full-screen homepage prototypes: static-image page, remarkable slideshow (with the choice to preserve image sizes) and video homepage. The theme preference page and Background Builder will assist you to build an awesome-looking and stimulating skin for your site and modify it to your requirements.

This Way

This Way

This Way contains an attractive full screen video with full audio. A sidebar with scrolling abilities lets you choose videos to play. This theme is also completely responsive and contains a filterable blog and portfolio.

Right Now

right now

Right Now is a smooth theme with tons of features and a full screen video theme, which also comprises of a playlist and audio control. This theme also contains remarkable navigation features and the capacity to upload in excess of 100 photos all at once.



Muse has been created particularly for producers, bands, music labels, musicians, DJ’s or directors of music events. This theme features a fresh and vibrant layout with support for sliding images including a full screen homepage.



Zeus is an extremely minimalistic theme that displays a full screen video when the page is loaded. There is straightforward navigation that switches on/off, allowing users to your website to concentrate on the video. A photo slider can be used as an alternative if preferred. This theme also comprises of background audio support.



Vernissage contains a completely responsive layout accompanied with image slider support, video support, including audio play. This theme is compatible to any site and comes with various portfolios and a full screen gallery with 7 diverse effects.


If you are an innovative person and want to attract and persuade users to stay on your site, then the Video WordPress Theme is prefect for you. When the user opens a page, a video will start to play. This is a great way to entice users to stay on your page.