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Are You Throwing Money Away Buying a Premium WordPress Theme?


Pay or Not Pay. WordPress Premium Themes

Many people might not remember how it was in the old days of web design, before the WordPress revolution, the times when designing your own site would cost up to $5000 dollars. One of the reasons that made WordPress grow up from a blogger platform to a robust CMS platform was the proliferation of theme designs, many users would share easy to customize templates that soon became as solid and complex as one of those 5 thousand dollars sites from the early ’00s. And all that costing nothing, for free.

Yet today, WordPress has several free options of themes but the reality is, everything that demands some credibility, even it is only about the looks, is not really for free, especially if you want something that really looks and works like you would like. Premium themes are essential for any one who wants to set a compelling and serious site.

You Get What You Are Paying For

Yes, if you are blogger and is running your personal blog, paying for a premium theme on WordPress may sound a little too much, but that also depends how much occasional or serious is your blog or what do you want from your personal blog. When you are trying to stand out from others, investments are necessary, especially when ti comes to the design of your site.

Premium themes are not content generated for people who believe there is a good opportunity in the market to make money at ease, they are developed for professionals who are really offering quality content that most free themes will not offer, like customer support and customization for your own business. Web designers get to work for several weeks or months to build layouts that are sophisticated as possible, and the most important about it all is, they cost much less than those $5000 sites, the most expensive themes will cost up to $200, only 4% to get the same kind of professional experience of web design.

Premium Themes Features

Paid themes are not only about better looks, though most of them no doubt much more neat, sophisticated and compelling at first sight, and when you go through all they have to offer behind the beautiful layout, you will not get disappointed either. Customizations, manuals, preloaded add ons are just some of the benefits that are included in the pack you are going to buy.

Exclusive Control Panel

You probably have seen already that installing some free themes and even some plug-ins will add special new tabs to your Dashboard menu, though you will see a completely new level of functions showing up with the installation of a premium theme.

Often developers are working to make their paid themes as versatile as possible to everyone, so instead of making you go through the code sheet of the template, they add short command tabs to your dashboard where you can change a lot of things on the default template: buttons to change the logo, colors of text, images, and much much more customizations.

This allows each customer to change at ease the site and make it look quite different with few automated steps.

Plug-ins Are Ready

Whenever you find a cute free theme that suits your taste, you will have to go through the customizations and later start to implement all those plug-ins and scripts you really need to make your site work. Premium themes are designed from scratch to develop specific features and the developers will explain that to you in the description of features of their themes.

All you will need is to set up plugins and widgets that require authentications to work with personal accounts, like Googe Analytics, but the long task to select plugins is already done by the developers.


What about having an instruction manual for your theme? The best developers compile a whole data base of what they developed for their themes, with accessible guides so you can have autonomy over what you are purchasing. If that is not enough, you can count with the customer support many premium themes offer.

Meanwhile, good luck for those that will try to go through some big issue or obstacle customizing a free theme. Luckily some developers might help you with some pertinent modification, but that will require posting and waiting for a reply in the WordPress forums.

How Much Money you Want to Save?

Is imperative to say that time is money and the more time you spend to implement a free theme and customize it on your own, the less money you get in return, since you will be wasting a time you could be using to create content. Premium themes are after all a handy way to focus on the creation of content instead of minding visuals. Sometimes trying to be a do-it-all is just a waste of money.

Not All Premium Themes are That Premium

We can’t be silly thinking that all that costs money is great and that’s it. There are developers and developers, and when you are about to select an ideal premium theme you have to be the picky customers. Check customers feedbacks, rates, and is better to work with companies than with solo developers because of the customer support service.

Many professional web designers will sell their themes for salty prices including this kind of service but many do not take under consideration the fact the more they sell the worst it is to assist their customers because they are alone and they can’t really provide all they are offering.

There are many small business that are focused on developing themes and have a team of technicians specially working with the customer support, so be sure you are about to work with a good team of professionals and you will make your money worth.

After all we are purchasing goods here and as a good customer, we have to be meticulous. The truth is, there are really several excellent options of companies developing premium themes out there and you just have to find the best deal like you would do with any other purchase.