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Get a Load of These Gorgeous Full-Width WordPress Themes


You can’t ignore full-width themes if you want to make a clear statement with your WordPress site.

Not only are they bold and prominent, they are the ideal for graphic designers, creative artists and photographers, and anyone else looking to make lasting impression.

We went ahead and picked the best 10 out there right now. Read further to find out which will suit your needs.



Inspiro is a truly magnificent full screen WordPress theme, with attractive simulation effects and a polished design.

The Inspiro design is a true masterpiece. It integrates all the correct colors and the right layout, as well as just the correct amount of white space for readers to have adequate breathing space. Its gallery comes with a well-ordered simulation effect — when you drift your mouse over a gallery piece, the image zooms in to some extent and a handy call-to-action control appears on the image.

This powerful offers many cool preferences such as:

  • Many colors
  • Ad’s
  • SEO options.

Price: $75



Ellipsis is an elegant, lightweight and full screen WordPress theme. Ellipsis comes with a well-ordered page loader that truly sets the tone for a suave, smooth design.

As you drift your mouse over a project inset, several animations emerge. The only issue design-wise is the shortage of white space and breathing space for users.

It is constructed on the solid Bootstrap framework, Ellipsis is search engine optimized. More than 40 short codes are accessible for your use.

Price: $48

Full Frame


The Full screen theme is receptive and also includes touch swipe features. It’s an attractive photo gallery theme that offers images and preserves design elements to a minimum.

Full screen is distinctive in that the pull-down menu and social buttons hover inside the full screen web page. It provides many page arrangements including agency, product, magazine, news, and more. Also, Full screen offers portfolio layout selections so you can position thumbnails in a list or 2-4 columns.

A few of the shortcut preferences that this theme contains are:

  • Author box
  • Buttons
  • Tabs
  • Columns
  • Maps
  • Accordions
  • Tabs
  • Flickr integration.

Full screen’s blog is positioned in a center column, where your pictures can be prominently displayed.

Price: $49



Photogra is an additional theme that contains a navigation set over a full screen image instead of having a navigation bar. One distinctive facet of this theme is that you can have video backdrops, which can make it an attractive feature for visitors.

This theme also offers three conventional post types: slider, gallery and portfolio. The sliders have 7 transition selections and you also have several gallery selections.

Photogra contains an innovative admin section so you can manage the design of your site. It’s incorporated with over 500 Google Fonts, which you can select from a list. This theme is perfect for anybody who requires a portfolio that will advertise large pictures or videos with a full screen.

Price: $45



Darkroom is a striking full screen theme. Two color preferences, light and dark, are fabricated into the header. Also incorporated are 6 diverse full screen styles

  • Youtube video,
  • Photowal
  • Single image cover
  • Slideshow
  • Vimeo video,
  • Kenburns

Multi-language complete and SEO optimized; from a coding perspective, there is nothing wrong with the Darkroom theme. One of this theme’s more distinctive facets is its capacity to password protect pages, full screen posts, posts, portfolio items, and photo galleries. Barely any other themes provide this safety feature. Also integrated into the theme are 9 custom widgets — address, Twitter, Flickr photostream, gallery, social icons, popular posts, recent posts, related portfolio, and video.

Price: $58



For innovative experts who are considering a theme to display their work, Konzept is a great minimal choice. The theme’s overall styling is white and black besides the video and image thumbnails, so it gives more importance to your portfolio work.

This theme has various design and layout blends, so the theme developers have incorporated several diverse demo page illustrations. This way you can observe what the theme looks like containing just thumbnails, a project list, or a mixture of the two.

The most distinctive feature of Konzept is its flexible input selections. You can make use of the scroll wheel, touch screen, track pad, mouse or keyboard to manage the navigation. This offers the user a suave overall experience.

Price: $50



Trego is a versatile full screen theme that has awesome animation effects and countless features.

Many demos have been built for the theme that show its adaptability — Trego works for commercial, portfolio websites, and freelance or even a normal blog. The design is normally flawless, with large volumes of white space and shades of color that complement each other relatively well.

Price: $58



Blend is a WordPress theme that’s truly a masterpiece. Blend comes with 4 diverse design demos. All of them focus around the usage of massive images (and tons of them!) to balance the layout and the solid group of color that exist in the header and footer backgrounds. The retina-ready theme also comes with its very own photo uploader including a drag and drop photo manager.

Masonry, grid, and album views for your photographs are all accessible. The Blend theme also comes with a Revolution Slider which contains 24 simulation effects are constructed into the theme, together with 5 effects for the album view and 6 effects for the masonry view.

Price: $48



Spaceship is an additional theme that offers the design at a minimalist or uncluttered approach so that the photography can be highlighted prominently. Full width and receptive, Spaceship offers you 4 diverse preferences for your homepage layout and several album and page preferences.

The simple and easy admin panel offers you innovative appearance options that you can modify to suit your requirements. The theme consists of more than 13 custom widgets.

Price: $40



When you first see Gleam, it’s instantly clear that this is a diverse theme. Your logo is contained prominently in the middle of the page, and when you hover your mouse over it, the navigation menu emerges.

Within the control panel, there’s also a choice to manage your SEO settings. You can manage Meta descriptions and build custom titles on the homepage. Furthermore, the theme also contains options for an image slider, drop caps, tool tips, pricing tables and password protection.

Price: $69


Full-width WordPress themes are all about making a visual impact. They are very prominent, so if you are an innovative professional, then any of these themes in this collection would be perfect for you. Did we save your ass? Let us know in the comments!