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Best Starter Themes for WordPress to Develop Your Very Own Theme


The Top WordPress Starter Themes to Enhance Your Site

Thematic –WordPress Framework


Thematic is an unrestricted, open-source, vastly extensible, and is also SEO optimized. It contains 13 widget-equipped parts, grid layouts, designing for popular plugins, and a complete community behind it. It’s great for bloggers who are beginners and WordPress development experts.

Thematic is entirely free and has some great features:

  • Ideal to use as a blank WordPress theme
  • Completely SEO ready
  • Consists of an example WordPress Child Theme for fast development
  • Simple to implement layout choices for 2, or 3 column designs

Price: Free!




Carrington is an awesome platform for WordPress that makes it simple to build distinctive looks for various categories, post commentaries just by building custom templates.

With regards to design, the Carrington framework is intended to be extremely adaptable and integrated. By expanding onto the already flexible WordPress framework,

The Carrington theme is accessible in a range of choices, including a mobile theme, a text-only format, and a blog theme. These can be run concurrently, allowing your readers to access your website in the format most suitable and comfortable to them. Total flexibility is the objective of the Carrington Theme.

Price: Free / $149

Thesis Theme Framework

Thesis is one of the most widespread premium themes and currently used by more than 42 000 websites. Two licenses are offered, with the less costly one only letting you use a single website. If you are not clued-up about coding, that is not an issue. The Thesis selection panels lets you manage your site with simplicity. You’ve never possessed this much control over your site previously, and this is exactly what makes Thesis vital to website owners.

  • SEO ready
  • A complete selection panel for customization.
  • Complete support.
  • An emphasis on typography.

Price: $87 – $164

Gantry- Web Platform Theme Framework


Gantry is an incredible WordPress framework by Rocket Theme, which is completely free. Gantry framework is accessible for both Joomla and WordPress. Gantry can be customized extremely well; you have to set-up the Gantry framework and you will also be able to use free child theme obtainable from the Gantry framework.

  • Features, designs, colors and layouts can all be adapted for any part of your site content.
  • You are able to force ‘blank’ widget locations for an even more innovative layout.

Price: Free!

PageLines – A Professional Website Platform for WordPress


PageLines is a drag and drop framework intended for WordPress to construct specialized websites faster, simpler and better than ever before. With PageLines you’ll get innovative management of your content including the 16,000 plugins assembled for WordPress.

PageLines is also hosting an extension market for websites. This will enable you to purchase and sell almost anything you require for your site.

  • Color management:You can use color control to modify the palette of your website in a matter of seconds. You can also modify layout styles and place background pictures.
  • Section cloning:  Sections can be replicated so that you can use them several times on the same page. Each section acquires its own selections and is managed individually.

Price $397

Hybrid – Framework


Hybrid is a great theme framework established by Justin Tadlock. Built on almost the same ideologies as the Thematic theme, Hybrid is easy to use and build upon, contains numerous integrated features and a more substantial options page.

If you’re a developer, you will certainly want this theme.  Hybrid provides 14 customized page templates.

  • Can be managed with ease.
  • It is optimized for SEO.
  • Introducing customized page templates.
  • Letting you build any kind of site you want.
  • It is entirely free.
  • Consists of 13 page templates.

Price: $ 90



Headway Themes delivers loads of features for both designers and developers, and can be easily modified even if you don’t have any coding knowledge. While it’s certainly among the more exclusive premium frameworks out there, it’s also one of the most user-friendly themes that has loads of incredible features.

Some other features also include:

  • Expert SEO
  • Specialized support
  • Layout Grid and Visual Editor
  • Specialized support

Price: $378

Ashford – WordPress Framework


Ashford is established to be as stress-free as possible to manage and filled with great features. Often themes look amazing in the screen shots, but are challenging to use in reality. You won’t have that problem with the Ashford framework – it is very easy to use.

Other features include:

  • Includes over 250 page templates.
  • Interactive features, including rotating banners, sliders, and more.
  • Full customized headers, color styles, backgrounds, and web fonts.
  • It has an integrated mobile site.

Price: Free / $49



An essential thing about a theme framework should be the simple, clean design that gives way to a huge arrangement of customization possibilities, features and layout.

Backbone is established with the novice and expert WordPress users in mind and this framework is filled with a vast array of customization possibilities, design, features and top rate SEO optimization for simplicity. As a framework, Backbone contains exceptional level of control. Backbone offers so much adaptability and ease in creating each style of website

Price: $59



BlankSlate is possibly one of the most unassuming, uncluttered blank themes you can acquire. BlankSlate is a combination between building WordPress themes completely from scratch and using a large starter theme.


WordPress starter themes or frameworks are basically a foundation for creating your own themes, which can definitely enhance the overall appeal of your site. The starter themes in this collection are straightforward and would definitely benefit your site.