Finding the right theme for your website is a chore. We’re changing that.

We all know how it is. You have an idea for a website. You get a domain and hosting and decide on WordPress to build your site. Awesome.

Then begins a hours-long search for the perfect theme. The categories on marketplaces don’t help at all (Come on, “magazine” and “personal”? Really?). Should you Google “best wordpress themes with left sidebar and logo in the center”? Maybe ask for recommendations on forums and wait days to get a reply?

There must be a better way!

With our smart, visual-based filters, anyone can easily find the perfect theme for their future website in seconds. The service is 100% free and will always stay that way. We’re supported by affiliate earnings from the themes you buy. Every time you purchase a theme through our link, we get a portion of the price at no additional cost to you.

All themes are hand-picked and hand-sorted to ensure the best quality of search results. You simply input the features you want into ThemeBro and our filters will find the themes that have exactly what you want. While we’re at it, we also make sure that themes are really top quality — they need to be well-designed, SEO optimized, and nicely documented to be added into our filtering system.

Who’s behind ThemeBro?

The person behind ThemeBro is Heidi Pungartnik. After validating the idea in 2014, I decided to finally learn to code and build a full-fledged product while at it. Jure Čuhalev and CodeCatz group provided the much needed wisdom & support.

Ready to search themes?